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Self-adhesive Silicone nipple covers.

Pétales Skin

Maxi adhesive petals 100% Silicone.

Pétales Flower

Adhesive nipple covers one use - 5 pairs.


Silicone petals breast lift tape.

Pétales Silk

Self-adhesive fabric nipple covers.

Pétales Moon

Self-adhesive fabric nipple covers.

Demi Lunes

Silicone pads for a plunging neckline.

Secret Push

Heart shaped self-adhesive pads.

Secret Pads

Silicone push-up pads.

Secret Cups

Full cup maximizer foam pads.

So Mini

Bra strap holders.

So Maxi

Bra extenders.

So Soft

Silicone comfort pads for bra straps.

So Easy

Bra strap holders.

So Star

Adhesives for clothes.

So Smart

Low back bra converter.

So Up

Adhesive breast lift tape.

So Clear

Clear Bra Straps.


Lace back bra accessory for bra.

So Clean

Lingerie bag for washing machine.

So Clean Rond

Round lingerie bag for washing machine.