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Our invisible lingerie solution is designed to offer you optimal comfort while allowing you to wear fitted clothes without leaving a trace. Thanks to our range of invisible bras and panties, you can enjoy an elegant and natural look in all circumstances. Order now and experience the difference!

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Our invisible lingerie solution products offer a variety of options for creating the appearance of invisible underwear under clothing. We offer adhesive bras, pasties and seamless panties to meet your fashion needs. Order now for a seamless, strapless appearance. Invisible lingerie is one of the most popular fashion trends today. Women want to feel comfortable while looking chic, and that's exactly what invisible lingerie delivers. At Our Products, we have a wide range of invisible lingerie solutions for all women. In this article, we will introduce you to our invisible lingerie products and explain how they can improve your wardrobe. For centuries, the bra has been a must-have for every woman. Available in many forms and names such as the corset, the ancestor of the bra, the Classic Bra, which appeared for the first time in 1889, then followed by the Balconet, Underwired, Coque, Corbeille, Push -Up, the Bandeau or even the Triangle and many others. All these bras were initially designed to support the chest for women's daily life and for each body type. But so that this lingerie can appeal more to women and follow fashion trends, the major lingerie players have decided to vary the materials to provide more comfort. These underwear are available in different textiles such as jersey, stretch mesh, blocked or stretch lace, embroidered tulle or even foam. They are obviously available in small or large size. In the world of bras, we can distinguish different families: that of classic bras, that of sexy bras and their dose of femininity or even that of technical bras, adapted to exceptional events such as the maternity, or post-operative, and the world of lingerie solutions where you can find adhesive, invisible bras, which aim to enhance the woman's body while providing comfort and freedom. This is bra 2.0. GILSA Paris offers invisible lingerie solutions adapted to all needs including adhesive and non-adhesive bras, panties and shapewear as well as accessories to enhance your outfits. We also offer backless and strapless shell bras, multi-position bras, as well as bras with adhesive wings. Our Products - The perfect invisible lingerie solution Our invisible lingerie products are designed to fit all types of clothing, whether it's bodycon dresses, sheer tops or fitted pants. We have a wide range of products, from strapless bras and seamless panties to jumpsuits and bodysuits. Our products are made from high quality materials that are soft, breathable and comfortable to wear all day. Strapless bras Our strapless bras are perfect for backless outfits, evening dresses and strapless tops. They feature padded cups and silicone bands to ensure optimal support throughout the day. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, our strapless bras are a must-have for every woman. Seamless panties Our seamless panties are perfect for tight-fitting clothing. They don't leave seam marks or marks on the skin, making them ideal for fitted pants and skirts. Made from soft, breathable materials, our seamless panties come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit every need. Jumpsuits and bodysuits Our jumpsuits and bodysuits are perfect for bodycon outfits and sheer tops. They feature padded cups for optimal support and a seamless fit for a smooth, sleek silhouette. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, our jumpsuits and bodysuits are a great addition to your lingerie wardrobe. How to choose the right invisible lingerie Choosing the right invisible lingerie may seem difficult, but it isn't. You just need to consider a few key things, such as the type of clothing you wear, your size, and your personal preferences. At Our Products, we offer a wide range of products to meet all needs. The invisible bra, an asset to adopt for all women In the world of lingerie solutions, first we have invisible bras. Regarding this type of bra, they allow every woman to be free and no longer worry about straps and bras showing under clothes. You can find it in different forms such as backless adhesive cups without straps, bras with underwire or without, with wings or without. You can also count on the multi-position bra which allows you to wear outfits of various shapes. The straps are adjustable and an infinite number of strap positions are possible with a single bra. Finally, it can be in the form of a headband or classic. In this case, the material used will allow you to obtain this desired invisibility effect. In addition to its discretion, the invisible bra can be light and will provide you with comfort and support throughout the day. Within the family of invisible bras, we can be particularly interested in the backless bra. All the pleasure of an invisible backless outfit without the discomfort of protruding straps. Strapless or backless, this bra will bring you softness and comfort all year round. During the summer season, go for a light backless dress to avoid any traces of tan. During the end-of-year holidays, dare to wear sweaters or low-cut tops to warm up by the fire while maintaining your elegance. On special occasions, let yourself be tempted by bustier tops or jumpsuits. In addition to its invisibility, it gives a second skin effect and enhances your back. Its asset? It will give you a feeling of lightness all day long under your clothes. We also offer multi-position style invisible bras. It is the ideal solution for adapting to everyday or special occasion clothing with an atypical shape. The multi-position will be your everyday ally for low-cut bare backs, asymmetrical outfits, or also on the most beautiful day of your life accompanying your wedding dress. It is designed for all women who dream of wearing a dress, a top or a low-back jumpsuit or outfits with bare shoulders, while ensuring effective and discreet support. Thanks to its different shapes such as the neckline, allowing you to reveal your shoulders and your back or the low-cut bustier shape which will allow you to have a beautiful bare back as you wish. Some of our invisible bras also have a push-up function to enhance your neckline by adding volume and giving your chest a curved effect. Your chest will be lifted and supported all day long thanks to its padding, adhesive wings, support back straps or even a central clip. Our adhesive bras for an invisible effect Within our invisible bra collections, we offer a wide range of adhesive bras. Who has never dreamed of wearing a light dress with a plunging neckline all the way to the lower back without having the bra visible or the permanent feeling of having something tightening your back all day long? Thanks to the invisible adhesive bra, you will have the pleasure of feeling free and no longer worrying about this feeling of discomfort. Thanks to its incomparable lightness, this adhesive bra, in all its forms, will guarantee you a second skin effect while avoiding small everyday inconveniences such as visible nipples under light clothing, a strap that reveals, visible bra clasps or a permanent and unpleasant shearing effect under clothing. This self-adhesive bra ensures unparalleled support and discretion. Its nude colors make this bra invisible under clothing and blend in with your skin. But that's not all, in addition to being discreet, the adhesive bra allows you to avoid the unpleasant marks of a classic bra left by straps that are too tight or a back that can curl. Without these brands, women gain more confidence and dare more. This lingerie accessory is ideal for small breasts who want a better hold. If this bra is invisible and discreet, that does not necessarily mean that its visual appearance should be neglected. Indeed, it can also have a touch of glamor with a lace effect. These adhesive bras can be worn under all kinds of outfits such as a basic top, a backless dress, a strapless dress or top or more particularly with an evening or wedding dress. Dermatologically tested, the invisible adhesive bra is reusable and washes quickly after each use. In fact, the adhesive bra is very easy to clean. With simple contact with water and soap, the dermatological glue regenerates during this cleaning. All you have to do is wait for it to dry, then put the plastic protection back on to reuse your bra the next time. Our GILSA advice If you do not yet know which product to choose, GILSA Paris advises and helps you so that you can find your ideal lingerie solution. A desire for lightness and revealing your back? Adhesive bras are for you. Indeed, with adhesive shells without straps or back, you will obtain unparalleled support and comfort. Everything you want to wear like backless dresses, low-cut tops, strapless outfits and even a transparent top, especially with its flesh color that blends perfectly with your skin. The most anticipated day is coming and you don't know what to wear under your strapless or plunging back wedding dress? Do you need a supportive bra but you can't wear a classic bra? You don't know what wedding lingerie to wear? Invisible multi-position bras are the trick for an enhanced outfit and a supported bust. Thanks to its removable straps, you can reveal your back as well as your shoulders. For lightness and a significant second skin effect, GILSA Paris presents the Rivoli, a 100% adhesive bandeau bra which provides great support and total invisibility under your clothes. To find out your size at GILSA Paris, we advise you to first know what cup size you have (A, B, C, D, etc.). You then need to know, and this is important for your comfort, your back circumference for a good chest grip and to obtain a harmonious visual. GILSA Paris advises women with a back circumference greater than or equal to 95 to choose a cup size above the usual cup size on a classic bra. When it comes to invisible multi-position bras, opt for the sizes you usually wear. For more details, we advise you to take a look at our GILSA Paris size guide to find out exactly which size is right for you. In addition, you will have the possibility to know your size regarding our products such as classic bras, adhesive or non-wired bras and panties and shapewear in both French and international sizes. To support you until you find your lingerie solution and to make the right choice, GILSA Paris explains step by step how to wear a GILSA Paris bra. You must first know how to position it for optimal support and better comfort throughout its use. For a good fit of the bra, regardless of chest size, you must place one cup at a time. Obviously keep the end of the central clip towards the inside of the chest, and finish gluing the shell from the outside towards the inside, to ensure a good grip of the breast in the shell. After this step, test if the cups have been put on correctly by hooking the two ends of the central clip to tighten the chest and give it a push-up effect. If this does not suit you, repeat the step until satisfied for better comfort. Once the installation is finished, all you have to do is enjoy your day with complete peace of mind. If it is an invisible adhesive bra with underwire and wings, start by conforming to the shape of one breast in a cup, then repeat the action for the other breast. Make sure you are comfortable at the cup level then finish your application by sticking the wings on the sides further back or not, according to your convenience, depending on your need for support and push-up effect. At the end of the day, the adhesive bra is easy to remove and also easy to clean. Finally, if you are more interested in multi-position invisible bras, you simply have to put it on like a classic bra and you are free to choose the position of the straps that suits your outfit. If you still have unanswered questions, Do not hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected]!

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