GILSA Paris, the lingerie of free women since 1995

Our collection

Say goodbye to the mysterious cleavage that opens, to skirts that slide, to bras that move, and to straps that can be seen.

GILSA Paris offers a collection for every woman, every outfit and every occasion. Our products are 100% comfortable and pleasant, like the unavoidable adhesive bra for beautiful bare backs or the sexy foam cushion that curves and increases the volume of the breast.

Designed in Paris, our products offer women solutions for the self-acceptance, for feeling perfect simply and quickly, especially for being able to dress according to their preferences.



Our history

Passionate about fashion and after several years of experience at La Perla, Isabelle created the brand GILSA Paris in 1995 to break the codes and to beautify women’s body. It’s all about a chic, modern and audacious brand.  

As the pioneer of invisible lingerie solutions, Isabelle is the first to import the silicone bra and the spray stocking in Europe (it was really a small revolution at the time), GILSA Paris then becomes quickly the essential brand of manufacturing and distribution of invisible lingerie and high-end lingerie accessories. Silhouettes are liberated; thus women get beautifully dressed.  

Today, thanks to its know-how and its perfect knowledge of the market, GILSA Paris has become the leader in France and in Europe, as well as the reference for lingerie shops, wedding dresses, designers and department stores. The brand has succeeded in establishing privileged partnerships with professionals of lingerie and marriage, to continue creating products adapted to needs of all women and to ideas of fashion designers. 

GILSA Paris is a brand of 23 years of originality and French elegance.




The founder

“By creating GILSA Paris, I wanted to sublimate women, make us beautiful and free while keeping up with the times. Nowadays, women are independent, we please above all ourselves before being seductive for others. Our innovative lingerie solutions make all the women’s desires possible.”