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So Up

Adhesive breast lift tape.

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The So Up lifts the breast naturally and instantaneously. Perfect for a lifted breast naturally. 3 pairs of adhesives and 3 pairs of petals included. Single-use
Composition : Adhesive Patch : 50% Polyuréthane, 50% Polyoléfine Petals : 100% Polyester / Adhesive: 100% Polyolefin Easy to apply and easy to remove. Tested under dermatological control.

1- Clean carefully your skin with water and soap.Apply the adhesive on a clean and dry skin. 2- Cut the adhesive according to your cup size. 3- Remove the protective paper n°1 and apply the adhesive above the nipple. 4- Remove the protective paper n°2 and pull it up until get the position of the breast desired. 5- Press firmly a few seconds in order to fix the adhesive.

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