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In order to display a sensual and uninhibited silhouette, it is essential to turn to a suitable lingerie. That's why Gilsa Paris has developed a wide selection of underwear that gives you the spoilt of choice to find the panties, shorty, gainant or thong of your dreams. Flesh, black or ivory, our lingerie solutions rhyme with discretion and seduction. Instantly blending under your clothes, they enhance your look and make you feel comfortable.

Discover our seamless panties, flatbelly shorts, invisible thongs and push up sheathing that enhance the natural beauty of your body.
Why choosing the right lingerie is important

Sheltered under the fabric of clothing, lingerie is sometimes overlooked by some women, who prefer to focus on the outward appearance of their look. Yet underwear is of crucial importance: by influencing your comfort and the harmony of your curves, they are the ones that set the tone for your outfit.

Indeed, wearing a fitted bra and shaping panties that conceal your extra pounds will transform your appearance and make you feel more confident. Thus, by taking the time to choose your lingerie well, you will give freshness and uniformity to your look.

Therefore, it is important to turn to good quality underwear that effectively highlights you. It is in this state of mind that our panties, shapers, shorts and thongs were born: our lingerie solutions irresistibly shape your figure without ever being noticed .

Push-up panties, high waist shapers or even adhesive mini thongs will transform your gait and your confidence while offering you unparalleled comfort. Explore the benefits of each type of lingerie below so you can make an informed decision.

Why wear panties?

Cozy and pleasant, the panties has it all. Undisputed star of underwear, she has been dressing the buttocks of women for a long time.

It is no coincidence that this lingerie classic remains unmatched. More covering than the thong and lighter than the shorty , the panty is a perfect compromise which allows you to be comfortable in your clothes and in your movements.

Invisible and seamless , our Madone panties have a medium high waist, which allows you to slightly smooth your belly without revealing unsightly marks. Available in 3 colors, it can be used under dresses as well as pants or skirts.

Our Colette panties have a slightly flared cut at the buttocks, to better highlight your curves. Soft and discreet, it suits all your tight outfits . Its lightness is such that when you wear it, you will have the impression of floating on a cloud!

While some want to hide their forms, others want to highlight them. This is the case with those who haven't received BeyoncΓ©'s ass, and who would like their butt to stand out more. The Curvy panties will do them a proud service: this ingenious bottom will give them a plump butt. Padded with anatomical foam, it enhances the volume of the buttocks in a very natural way. Expect to turn more than one head!

Why wear sheathers?

The sheathers have the particularity of refining the silhouette by sheathing the waist and stomach. These innovative underwear save your life when your extra pounds are nestling in your stomach and you are planning to wear a very tight look.

The high waist of our Milord shaping panties cleverly conceals your belly. Its seamlessness puts your mind at ease and lets you wear it with any tight dress or tight pants. The Milord shaping panties will quickly become your best ally to sublimate your belly, even after the excesses of the end of the year holidays or following gargantuan family meals. In addition, its non-slip strip fixes it effectively and guarantees you can dance and move while being securely held.

The Curvy Slim is a solution that is as smart as it is daring: combining a high waist that smoothes the stomach and padding that sculpts a shapely and sexy butt, this underwear will make you irresistible. Slip it under your long, tight dresses or fitted skirts for a sultry and feminine look.

Why wear shorts?

The covering aspect of shorts sometimes makes them less popular than panties and thongs . Yet when properly cut and free from seams, shorts give you a slim, lightweight silhouette. Our Emile shorts blend into your skin without ever oppressing you, and accompany you in all situations. Whether it is to go to the office, to see friends or for a formal evening, it knows how to be forgotten while highlighting your curves.

To bet on an even more shaping effect , turn to our Victor shorts . Its high waist combines with its shaping action directed on the thighs and stomach. The result: wonderfully drawn curves that make you forget all your complexes.

Why wear thongs?

We no longer present the famous thong , which holds the palm of the most sexy and flirtatious bottom. If you are worried that the shape of your underwear will be visible under the fabric, this is the thong that you should opt for. Its ultra-light shape guarantees you complete invisibility and makes you feel seductive and feminine.

Gilsa Paris has thought of your ultra-tight outfits by developing the So Nude , a second skin effect adhesive thong . Easy to use, it attaches easily and hides your private parts without ever leaving unsightly marks. This sexy and daring accessory combines with all your tight-fitting looks that require extremely thin and light lingerie. Washable and reusable, the adhesive thong is THE anti-brand solution to always have in your wardrobe!

To wear a successful look, underwear plays a crucial role. Invisible, yet they are the ones who determine the final harmony of your outfit. Explore our wide range of shorties, panties, sheathing or even thongs that discreetly support you and enhance your curves.

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