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For centuries, the Bra has been a staple for all women. Available in many shapes and names such as the corset, the ancestor of the bra, the Classic Bra, which appeared for the first time in 1889, then followed by the Balconette Bra, the Underwire Bra, the Cup Bra, the Bandeau Bra, the Push-Up Bra, the Triangle Bra, and many others.
All these bras were initially designed to support women's breasts in daily life, according to each woman's morphology. However, in order to make this lingerie more appealing to women and to follow fashion trends, the major players in lingerie decided to change the materials used to bring more comfort. These undergarments are made with different types of fabric such as jersey, stretch knit, blocked or stretch lace, embroidered tulle or even foam. They are available in small or large sizes.

We can distinguish different types of bras: classic, sexy (with a touch of femininity), or even technical ones, adapted to specific events such as maternity and post-op. Last but not least, there is the world of lingerie solutions where you can find adhesive invisible bras, which aim to enhance the female body while allowing for as much comfort and freedom as possible. This is the bra 2.0.

GILSA Paris offers invisible lingerie solutions adapted to all needs, including adhesive and non-adhesive bras, panties, shapewear and accessories to improve your outfits. We also offer backless and strapless bras, multiway bras, and bras with adhesive wings.

The invisible bra, an asset for all women

In the world of lingerie solutions, first come the invisible bras. They allow each woman to be free and no longer worried about straps or underwear being visible. You can find them in different forms, such as adhesive strapless cups, bras with or without underwire, and with or without wings.

Then, there is the multiway bra, which allows you to wear outfits with various shapes. The straps are convertible, and an infinite number of ways is possible with just a single bra. It can also be used as a bandeau or a classic bra.

In this case, the material used will allow you to obtain the desired invisible effect. In addition to its discretion, the invisible bra is light and will bring you comfort and support throughout the day.

Within the family of invisible bras, we can take a closer look at the backless bra. All the pleasure of an invisible backless outfit without the discomfort of visible straps. Strapless or backless (or both), this bra will bring you softness and comfort all year round. During the summer season, you can go for a light open back dress to avoid tan lines.

During the holiday season, you can try low-cut sweaters or tops, to get cozy by the fire while keeping it elegant. On special occasions, let yourself be tempted by bustier tops or jumpsuits.

In addition to its invisible effect, it gives a second skin effect and enhances your back. Its advantage? It will provide the sensation of lightness under your clothes throughout the day.

We also offer invisible multiway bras. This is the ideal solution to adapt your underwear to everyday clothes or special occasion attires with an unusual shape. The multiway bra will be your daily ally for backless tops, asymmetrical outfits, and also during the happiest day of your life, under your wedding dress.

It is designed for all women who dream of wearing a backless dress, top or jumpsuit, as well as off the shoulder outfits, while ensuring effective and discreet support. It has many different forms, such as the halter bra, which allows you to show your shoulders and your back, or the backless bra, which will allow you to show a beautiful bare back.

Some of our invisible bras also have a push-up function to enhance your neckline by adding volume to your breasts and making them rounded. Your chest will be raised and maintained throughout the day thanks to its padding, its adhesive wings, its back-support straps or a central clip.

Our adhesive bras for an invisible effect

Within our collection of invisible bras, we offer a wide range of adhesive bras. Who has not dreamed of wearing a light dress with a plunging back without showing your bra or having the permanent feeling that your back is being squeezed for the whole day? Thanks to the invisible adhesive bra, you will have the pleasure of feeling free and no longer worrying about this feeling of discomfort.

Thanks to its unparalleled lightness, this adhesive bra, in all its forms, will guarantee a second-skin effect while avoiding small daily inconveniences, such as your nipples being visible under light clothes, straps or clips showing, or the permanent and unpleasant feeling of tight bras.

This self-adhesive bra ensures unmatched support and discretion. Its nude color makes this bra invisible under clothing and blend in with your skin.

But that is not all. In addition to being discreet, the adhesive bra avoids the unpleasant marks of a classic bra caused by very tight straps or a back squeezed by the bra. Without these marks, women gain more confidence and dare to wear all sorts of outfits. This lingerie accessory is ideal for small breasts.

Even if this bra is invisible and discreet, this does not necessarily mean that its appearance should be neglected. In fact, it can also have a touch of glamour with a lace cup. These adhesive bras can be worn with all kinds of outfits like basic tops, halter dresses, strapless dresses or tops, or even with evening or wedding dresses.

Tested under dermatological control, the invisible adhesive bra is reusable and quickly washed after each use. Indeed, the adhesive bra is very easy to clean. Upon contact with water and soap, the dermatological glue regenerates while its being washed. You just have to wait for it to dry, then put back on the plastic cover to reuse your bra next time.

GILSA’s advice

If you do not know which product to choose yet, GILSA Paris offers you advice and help so that you can find your ideal lingerie solution.

A desire for lightness and to show your back? Adhesive bras are for you. Indeed, with the adhesive strapless backless cups back, you will get support and comfort like with no other bra. It is ideal for everything you want to wear, like backless dresses, low-cut tops, strapless outfits and even transparent tops, due to its nude colour, which blends perfectly with your skin.

The most awaited day is approaching, and you do not know what to wear under your strapless or plunging back wedding dress? Do you need a bra but cannot wear a regular one? Do you not know what wedding underwear to choose?

The invisible multiway bras are the trick for a sublime outfit and supported bust. Thanks to its removable straps, you can show your back as well as your shoulders.

For lightness and a remarkable second-skin effect, GILSA Paris presents the Rivoli, a 100% adhesive bandeau bra that provides great support and total invisibility under your clothes.
To know your size, we advise you to first know you cup size (A, B, C, D, ...). It is then necessary to know, and this is also important for your comfort, your chest size for a good grip of your bust and a harmonious visual. GILSA Paris recommends women with a chest size bigger than or equal to 95 to choose a cup size above the usual one they choose for a classic bra.

When it comes to invisible multiway bras, go for the size you usually choose. For more precision, we advise you to take a look at our GILSA Paris size guide in order to know exactly which size is right for you. Moreover, you will have the possibility to know your size, both French and international, for other of our products, such as classic bras, adhesive or non-wired bras, and panties and shapewear.

To assist you in finding your lingerie solution and to help you make the right choice, GILSA Paris explains step by step how to wear our bras. You must first know how to place it for optimal support and better comfort throughout its use.

For a good use of the bra, regardless of the chest size, it is necessary to place one cup at a time. The central clip must face the middle of the chest, and the cup must be stuck from the outside to the inside, to ensure good support. Next, you have to test whether the cups have been correctly placed by hooking the two ends of the central clip to tighten the breasts and give them a push-up effect.

If the final look does not suit you, repeat the steps until you are satisfied and feel comfortable. Once you are happy with the results, all you have to do is peacefully enjoy your day.

If it is an invisible adhesive bra with underwire and wings, start by matching the shape of your breast to a cup, then repeat this step on the other breast.
Make sure you are comfortable with the cups, then finish the process by sticking the wings to the sides, choosing the tightness depending on your convenience, your need for support and the desired push-up effect. Once it has been worn, the adhesive bra is easy to remove and easy to clean.

Finally, if you are more interested in invisible multiway bras, you simply have to put it on like a classic bra and you are free to choose the position of the straps that better suit your outfit. If you have any more questions,

Do not hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected] !

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