The Pads for Bra Gilsa Paris offers you unparalleled comfort. In foam or silicone, they will adapt to your bra as you wish. Removable, you have the possibility to position them as you wish according to your needs.

These lingerie solutions can also be accompanied by an adhesive that allows better placement of the pads. Find your happiness among our padding pads for a push up effect or suspender support.
What is a bra pad?

You might feel intrigued at first glance at the wording. What is a pad? Why is it called push-up? What are they for ? Why do we use the pad time?

There are different synonyms for the term bra pad: bra insert , pad , silicone pad , in foam or in fabric, the sponge , or the non-adhesive nipple covers .

All of these lingerie tips have one thing in common. They slip into the bra and are removable. These pads have been created to provide superior comfort to the breast whether it is a greater volume, protection for the breast or the shoulders.

The pads are made for your comfort above all. It can be suitable for all women who do not feel comfortable enough with their bra because it may have hurt them in the past following a change in morphology or for women who wish to add extra volume to their bra. their bra.

What is the push-up effect?

Before analyzing the usefulness of a push-up pad, let's take a look at its essential function, the push-up. What is a push-up ? In what situations do we use them?

It is a lingerie or garment solution capable of lifting the breasts or adding volume to the breast naturally and effortlessly.

Many women can feel self-conscious about their appearances and the image they give to others. With the influence of media and social networks, body worship is increasingly stigmatized and women by all means look like their idols on television.

Be sure of one thing, every woman is different and this is the main thing. Every body is beautiful and all women deserve to feel good about themselves.

In order to avoid having to have surgery, many women have chosen to turn to push-up solutions. More affordable and removable, sport the plunging neckline of your dreams for an evening and regain your figure the next day.

There are different solutions to get an up push effect on your clothes.

The first classic solution is the push-up type bra . This bra has been specially designed to meet the needs of women who want to add extra volume to their breasts.

It can be composed in two ways. Either the pads are sewn into the bra as a permanent part of the bra, or the pads are removable .

The advantage of the second solution allows its user to take off and put back her pads whenever she wants according to her needs. You could go to work with your bra in the regular position and put on the push up pads at the end of the day to be on top of your date.

Have the possibility to choose to be free to have a more or less important neckline according to your desires. Thus, the pads turn out to be a good solution to avoid having to have different bras depending on the need you are looking for.

We therefore distinguish two different types of pads: push-up pads and invisible pads .

What are push-up pads used for?

Let's take a look at the first category of bra pads, the push up pads . What are they for ? How do we put them? When can we put them on and for what uses?

These bra pads, or bra padding, consist of two symmetrical elements in foam, silicone or fabric. They attach to the bra to naturally volume you to the breasts in the blink of an eye.

These push-up pads can be divided into two categories: adhesive removable pads and non-adhesive removable pads.

The removable non-adhesive pads are the most common pads we see on the market. In fabrics, sponge, silicone, position them inside your bra according to your expectations.

The adhesive removable pads have an additional feature, the self-adhesive part. Unlike the previous category, these pads have an adhesive part. Peel off the protection of the product and secure it inside the bra.

Sometimes people are embarrassed that the removable non-adhesive pads are not attached to the bra.

Indeed, it can happen that if they are not properly positioned in the bra, they may be hampered by the product or the pad may move according to the movements of the consumer.

We advise you to follow the instructions for use in the packaging for support and optimal comfort throughout their use.

The lingerie solution brands have therefore invented removable bra pads with an adhesive part so that this pad is fixed in the bra to prevent it from moving in your bra during the day.

Today there are also adhesive pads dedicated to swimwear to show off a devastating cleavage on the beaches.

Now let's take a look at the second category of bra pads, the invisible pads.

What are the invisible pads for?

Invisible pads are a relatively different type of the pads we just looked at.

It happens that some women are hurt by their bra as a result of the wrong choice of model or size. The straps are likely to dig into the consumer's shoulders, eventually creating marks on the body.

The bra must be a comfort and support tool to free the woman. It was not designed to create health problems or inconvenience the consumer. The bra should free the woman from her movements and support her on a daily basis.

It is for these reasons that manufacturers of lingerie have created invisible pads in the service of women, their comfort and their health.

Designed to be invisible under clothing, they will accompany you throughout the day as if you were not wearing them.

Invisible to the eye of others, they will know how to make themselves essential to you. Often made of silicone, they are reusable several without risk of being damaged.

Among all the pads on offer, how do you choose from the Gilsa Paris collection?

Among the different pads offered in our collection, Gilsa Paris will help you and enlighten you in choosing the pad that will best suit your expectations.

Let's start with the products offering the push-up effect. Gilsa Paris offers you three products likely to meet your expectations.

The Half Moon Pads are removable pads for bra. These silicone pads will slide smoothly into your bra to give it extra volume while remaining natural.

Available in two sizes, M and L, you will be able to vary your volume depending on your cup size and the need you are looking for using this pad.
Test our Demi Lunes under our Divine Multi-position Bra , to wear the backless dress of your dreams with a low-cut back in the front.

If you want to protect your chest, dare the Invisible Secret Cups Pad . To slip under the bra or to sew directly into the dress, a bustier or a top, it will give support to your garment and protect your chest. Forget your bra thanks to this pad.

If you are looking for adhesive removable pads, fall for our Secret Push Invisible Heart Pad . Stick it to the bottom of your bra and gain the volume you are looking for in a jiffy.

We advise you to use it with our Multi-position Bra Genius .

Finally, if you no longer want to be hurt by your bra, opt for the Invisible Pads for So Soft Suspender .

Position the pads on your shoulders. Once your bra is comfortably installed, slide the straps of it into the notches created for this purpose in the So Soft. The pad will retain your straps and you will no longer have to worry about your shoulders digging through your bra.

If the problem persists, we recommend that you loosen your bra so that your bra clip is perpendicular to your body. You may be looking for a taller chest, but this shouldn't affect your health.

Your bra will be better secured and your breasts will look more beautiful de facto.

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