Adhesive Bras

The Adhesive Bra , a lingerie solution designed to help women to show off and allow them to dare all the outfits they want, without constraint , all year round. In the company of a strapless dress, a low-cut sweater on the back, an original top, a backless bodysuit or even a wedding dress, the Adhesive Bra is made for all women.
It allows you unlimited freedom all day long and makes you feel like you're wearing nothing: the feel of a backless strapless bra. Bra without underwire or with, push-up bra or not, a large choice awaits you. Don't waste another minute to find the perfect invisible adhesive bra for your breasts.

In summer, this adhesive bra is ideal for wearing a backless dress or a top with a dizzying neckline on the back as before. Do you want lightness and invisibility with your beach or evening wear while maintaining your breasts? An adhesive bra is perfect for these kinds of occasions.

Think that particular bra won't serve you the rest of the year? Think again ! The holidays are present throughout the year, Christmas, New Years, birthdays and many other events, chic and festive dresses with neckline and / or open back and all high-cut outfits are out. And thanks to its regenerating adhesive strip, you can use it several times.

The special feature of an adhesive backless bra

The special feature of an adhesive backless bra, without straps or backs, is that it can be worn discreetly with everything. Have you fallen for a designer dress with a gorgeous back but you dare not take it because you need it now and you don't want to have the bra clip sticking out?

This new cashmere sweater from a trendy brand has a magnificent open back, but your lingerie is not suitable? Your favorite brand has released a new jumpsuit with a gorgeous lace back but you don't know how to match it with your underwear?

Do not take the lead any more, be free and dare the adhesive bra. In addition to its invisibility, it gives a second skin and topless effect that will give you an impression of lightness all day long under your clothes.

Presented in different forms, the adhesive bra can be in simple cups without back or straps, with or without central clip, in cups with lace for an additional push-up effect, with or without underwire, it can also be accompanied by transparent or non-transparent fins for better support.

But that's not all, in addition to its discreet effect, the adhesive bra helps prevent the unpleasant marks of a classic bra left by too tight straps or a shear back circumference. Without these brands, women gain more self-confidence and dare more. This lingerie accessory is ideal for small breasts for a better outfit.

The effectiveness of an adhesive push-up bra

Do you think a sticky bra is more than supportive? Well, think again! After being delicately installed on the chest, the adhesive cups have a central clip to tighten the chest to give that long-awaited push-up effect. With a wide range of invisible adhesive bras, you will be able to find all shapes that will best suit your tastes.

Ranging from padded or unpadded shells, with or without underwiring, or with wings or not, while giving a push-up effect under any neckline by also raising the chest and rebalancing it, you will surely find what you are looking for.

It is ideal for women with small breasts who want to sublimate a cleavage who simply want to feel beautiful. You will have no more excuses for wearing this top that has been left in your closets for months because of a suspender or a visible clip.

Very light with the topless effect adhesive bra
Who has never dreamed of wearing a light dress with a plunging neckline all the way to the lower back without having the bra visible and without having that permanent feeling of having something tight on your back for a whole day? Thanks to the invisible adhesive bras, you will have the pleasure of wearing all the clothes you want in total freedom. With its lightness, this bra, in all its forms, guarantees you a topless effect.

You will be protected from small everyday amenities, such as visible nipples under clothing, a strap that reveals itself, visible bra clips or even a permanent and unpleasant shearing effect without having to wear nipple covers. .

Extremely light and soft, this adhesive and invisible backless, self-fixing bra provides you with unparalleled support and discretion. Its skin and black colors make this bra invisible under clothing and blend in with your skin. Either classic or fancy, choose the bra that you like and that you will love to wear again and again.

A glamorous touch with the adhesive lace bra

We are talking about the invisible and discreet adhesive bra but we can also have a touch of charm and glamor with its lace effect. This lace can very well be worn under all kinds of outfit such as a basic top, a backless dress, a dress or a strapless top or more particularly with a wedding dress.

The lace adhesive bra offers the same operation as a classic adhesive bra with its adhesive cups and its central clip to adjust your breast as you wish. His little extra?
Its ivory, flesh or black lace gives you a sexy effect under your clothes for all occasions. Do you dream of being glamorous and chic in the evening from head to toe?

Do you want to stand out from the crowd with a touch of elegance on your lingerie solution? Do you want to assert your personality even in your underwear? Stop choosing out of spite and choose comfort and elegance in one model.

Tips for putting on an adhesive bra

To be able to wear an adhesive bra, you must first know how to position it for better support and comfort throughout its use. For a good fitting of the bra, first of all, it is necessary to clean the area of the skin in contact with the adhesive glue.

Then, after having carried out this step, you must place one shell at a time, obviously keeping the end of the central clip towards the center of the chest, starting from the outside of the chest and finish gluing the shell to the chest. 'interior, for a good attachment to the breast in the shell.

The next step is to check if the cups have been put on by hooking the two ends of the central clip to tighten the chest and give it a push-up effect. If this does not suit you, repeat the step until you are satisfied and feel better. Once the installation is finished, all you have to do is enjoy your day in complete safety and serenity.

If this is an adhesive bra with underwire and wings, start by conforming to the shape of one breast in a cup, then repeat for the other breast.

Make sure you are comfortable with the cups and then finally, glue the fins on the sides further back or not, it depends on your need for support and a push-up effect, it's up to you. At the end of the day, the adhesive bra is easy to remove and also easy to clean.

Solutions for washing an adhesive bra

Dermatologically tested, the adhesive bra is reusable and washes quickly after each use. Indeed, it is very easy to clean your adhesive bra. With the simple contact of water and soap, all the magic of this bra operates. The dermatological glue regenerates during this cleansing.

What is also important to remember for all adhesive bras, it is preferable and even mandatory to wash them by hand for longer use and less rapid wear of the product. Then all you have to do is cover the hulls with your film

plastic so the adhesive bra does not get lost in your wardrobe between the bra hooks and clips, and you're ready to go.

Find out how to choose an adhesive bra

To choose an adhesive bra, you must first know what cup size you are (A, B, C, D, ...). It is also important to know, and this is important for your comfort, your back circumference for a good hold of the chest and also for a harmonious visual.

GILSA Paris advises for women with a back circumference greater than 95 to choose a cup size above the cup size that you are used to mistaking for a classic or invisible bra.

Your chest will be better supported. For more precision, we advise you to go to our size guide GILSA Paris for more advice and to choose your lingerie the best. In addition, you will have the opportunity to know your size for our products, whether they are classic bras, adhesive bras, and panties and sheathing in both French and international sizes.

If after reading our GILSA Paris size guide you still have questions about the size or usefulness of our products, do not hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected] ! Our entire team at Les Gilsettes will be happy to answer you and provide you with the best possible answers to your question. See you soon on

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