Multi Position Invisible Bras

The Multi-Position Invisible Bra is ideal for wearing the outfits of your dreams to give you the ability to wear a range of choices with one bra.
Thanks to its Removable Straps, you will be able to adapt your bra to your outfit in all lightness. Bare shoulder, bare back, strapless or sheer outfits, it adapts to all your desires.

Why are we talking about multi-positions?
We all know what a bra is. We discover it at the age of 10 and we never let it go. It will support us all day long and live all the strong moments of our life. The bra is the main piece of your wardrobe and you care about it a lot.

It is for these reasons that lingerie designers have never stopped innovating and reinventing the bra so that it best fits the ever-growing needs of the modern woman.

Every woman should have the opportunity to find the bra that will best suit her expectations based on her morphology, her size and the problem she may face with the outfit she chooses for the long awaited event.

Whether it is to go to work, to relax on the weekend, for a date in the evening, for a job interview, to go to the gym, following a pregnancy or a surgery, you will have the bra made to follow you in these daily trials. We often hear about strapless bras, bandeau bras, adhesive bras and halter bras.

Thus, the multi-position bra is part of this same line of thought. It was designed to free the woman from the conception that a bra was only made for one function. With the multi-position, multiply the uses of your bra to fit every outfit in your closet.

What are the different types of multi-position bras?

There are a number of bras that can fall into the category of multi-position bras. As the name suggests, this category includes all bras offering the ability to be worn in at least two different ways, called: position.

Thus, a classic bra with hooks at the ends of their straps can be called "multi-position bra". This category can then group different subcategories of bra.

A first subcategory of bra is braces with removable straps in the back. The straps are fixed in the front of the bra and have hooks in the back to have the ability to create a cross back.

The second subcategory is made up of braces with removable straps in the front and back. Unlike the first set, the straps are detachable on each side of the bra.

This means you'll have the option of crossing your bra in the back, front or creating a neckband with just one strap, while still maintaining the support expected from a bra.

Finally, the last subcategory represents the multi-position bra straps and back. These bras differ from the first two categories in that they do not have a hook and loop back.

These bras are made up of different notches on the bra cup to offer support in different parts of the bra. It's up to you to play with these in order to master the support of the bra while revealing the parts of your body of your choice.
The more different straps you have, the more variety you'll have in position. Whether they are visible or transparent, the straps will know how to make themselves invisible under clothing thanks to your adjustment.

Don't hesitate to loosen the straps so you have a longer tool to avoid injury.

In what situation can we wear them?

The multi-position bra has not yet given us all its secrets. Indeed, you may still be wondering about its usefulness or when to wear it.
Let's decipher together the most opportune moments.

The bras of the third subcategory tend to cross the straps in the back and return to the stomach. We recommend that you widen the straps of this bra to fit your comfort.

Also, this bra can be worn for daily as well as for special events like parties, special occasions or christenings.

So there are no more appropriate times than others to wear this kind of bra.

The multi-position bra will especially allow you to wear the stretches of your choice thanks to its multiple possibilities of strap positions.

Whether you're at work, at home, on a date, or out to brunch with friends, you may be tempted by a halter top, asymmetrical top, or strapless top.

If you don't want your straps to be visible, don't hesitate to use a multi-position bra. It will know how to support your breasts like a classic bra, while becoming discreet thanks to its multiple straps.

It's up to you to find the best combination to dazzle your loved ones.

Who are multi-position bras for?

You also need to ask yourself if this kind of bra is for all women.

You must take into account the fact that multi-position bras, and in particular those of the Gilsa Paris brand, are first and foremost, lingerie solutions and do not replace the effectiveness of a classic bra created for the support of the breast.

However, thanks to lingerie designers who never stop innovating in favor of women and their comfort, this bra is intended for more and more women.

Gilsa Paris has created multi-position bras ranging from A cup to E cup to meet the needs of as many women as possible looking for a bra that provides support and allows them to wear a halter top.
If you've found the outfit of your dreams and it has a vertiginous halter top, don't hesitate any longer before buying it because you'll have the right multi-position bra to keep you going all night long.

Discover the multi-position bras from the Gilsa Paris brand!

Gilsa Paris offers two multi-position bras.

First, the Divine Bra offers more than four different positions. Thanks to its multiple transparent straps, you'll have the option of wearing it in different ways like a neckline, plunging back or even strapless.

Next, check out the Genius Bra . This bra with colorful straps has a transparent inseam that will allow you the most plunging necklines.

Each of our bras are sold with a booklet giving you indications on the different possible positions. Let us guide you!

How to put on a multi-position bra?

You may have a hard time visualizing the different bra position possibilities. Let us describe the four main ones for you.

The first position is the ultra-dipping back. Hang the straps in the front like a traditional bra. Then position the back at the bottom of the armpit, to wear the bra like a backpack. Finally, attach the second pair of straps at the bottom of the cup, creating a crossover at the lower back as you work your way back to the stomach.

The second position is the neck wrap. Attach one strap on one side of the cup in the front, then loop it around the neck to hang symmetrically at the cup. Finish the back section like the previous position.

The third position is the classic. Position the strap as a "backpack" like the first position, then use a strap as a back wrap from one side of the beanie to the other.

Finally, the fourth position and the neck strap. Place the choker like the second position and then the back strap like the previous position.

Once you have mastered these positions, feel free to vary the holding positions depending on your desires, comfort and the outfits you choose for the occasion.

What can we pair the multi-position bra with?

Think the multi-position bra is the solution you're looking for but also want a push-up effect?

We recommend choosing a bra pad like removable silicone pads Half-moons or adhesive push-up pads Secret Push .
Well maintained in your bra, you will have the ability to show off a beautiful neckline in the front as well as the back.

When it comes to stockings, we advise you to favor low-cut stockings to avoid your panties being visible when you choose the bare back position.

Thus, we recommend the Colette hipster panties or the Emile invisible shorts . These seamless bottoms will support you throughout the day and be invisible under your clothes.

For more invisibility, we recommend the So Nude adhesive thong . Stick it to your private area, to reveal your hips with dresses or low cut skirts.

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