Invisible and Adhesive Bras

The Invisible and Adhesive Bra, your ideal lingerie solution that offers you invisibility all day long. Wear whatever you want: a backless top, a bustier, a low-cut dress and many more other clothes. You have several options: a Backless without Straps, or even with Adhesive Wings, you will find your happiness in our collection. Thanks to the invisible adhesive bra, opt for Good Support, a Push-Up Effect or even an effect of Lightness.
You may not be comfortable with these titles. In fact, you might be wondering what an invisible adhesive bra means.

Is it a strapless bra? A backless bra? A push up bra? Let's go over each term again so you can be more familiar with them. You won't be able to live without them.

First of all, the invisible bra is a wardrobe essential for the modern woman. Free in her life, free in her mind and her movements, the modern woman wishes to no longer worry about the constraints of life or the diktats of current fashion. She is, above all, looking for comfort in order to forget the little worries of life.

This is also reflected in the choice of her lingerie. Although she likes to please, seduction is no longer her number one criterion in the reasoned choice of her lingerie. Today, she wants comfortable lingerie, adapted to her morphology and that fits her daily or occasional needs.
The invisible bra has the power to blend in under your clothes. Thanks to its second skin effect, it becomes "invisible" under your everyday or festive clothes.

Whether it's a T-shirt, a small flowing top, a dress or a bustier, this bra will disappear from the sight of others. You won't have to worry about people seeing your bras under your favorite outfits. Be free to wear whatever you want.

Now let's move on to theadhesive bra. It might seem contradictory to you to associate the notion of adhesive with that of the bra. Indeed, we all tend to think first of the classic bra consisting of cups connected by clasps in the back with straps to support the chest. However, in this kind of bra, these parts have been removed to keep only the cup for more possibilities.

Indeed, thanks to the dermatological glue present in these bras, your cup holds itself. So you'll have the ability to wear deep halter tops while keeping the support of a bra for more insurance.

How to choose your invisible adhesive bra.

Now that you're more familiar with the concept of an adhesive invisible bra, you might feel lost when faced with our selection of products. Gilsa Paris has created a wide selection of products to best suit everyone's needs. To help you find your way around our products, let's look at each one separately to better understand their uses and what makes them different.

The category of invisible adhesive bras is divided into two parts. The first is preformed bras with adhesives and the second is all invisible adhesive cups. Let's look at each category separately.
Let's start with the adhesive bras. Close to the shape of a classic bra, they have the ability to be adhesive and are deprived of clips in the back as well as straps. Check out our L Bra, adhesive bra with adhesive wings. Attached like a traditional bra, it will allow you to wear halter tops to the birth of your loins.

If you need extra support, fall for the Louvre. An adhesive push up bra, it has clear wings that can be connected with a clear strap for added confidence. If you're of a bra that allows you to have cleavage in the front and back, dare the Diva Bra. This adhesive U-shaped bra will know how to be discreet under all your extravagant or transparent outfits.

Finally, if you're looking for a 100% adhesive bra, opt for the Rivoli. This adhesive bandeau bra will blend in under your everyday outfits or on special occasions thanks to its seamless second skin effect. Flaunt a beautiful and secure sweetheart neckline to your heart's content.

Now, let's move on to the adhesive shells. Less bulky than a bra, they will cover your breasts to blend in under your clothes. If you're looking for silicone cups, check out the Skin Bra, .

Made up of two silicone shells, they connect to the center of the breasts with a hook. For more glamour, fall for its lacy version, the Skin Bra Chic.

If, however, you're more into fabric shells, opt for the Silk Bra. Just like the Skin Bra, you'll be held in place by the center hook allowing you to wear any outfit you want invisibly. If you're also looking for a push effect, we recommend the Pop Up Bra. The shells connected by a central lace can be brought together according to your desires for a more or less push-up effect.

How to put on and care for your adhesive invisible bra?

Following our presentation, you should be more familiar with our wide selection of products. You may still have questions about the safety of our products. Please know that Gilsa Paris is committed to the safety of its customers. All of our adhesives are dermatologically tested to ensure comfort without binding to the skin.
Now we will teach you how to properly position your lingerie solutions. The first thing to remember is that an adhesive lingerie solution should only be placed on freshly washed skin.

When it is an adhesive bra, position it normally like a regular bra. Then peel off the protective film and position the adhesive wings. Repeat this step until you have the optimal positioning on your chest.

As for the shells, position one shell after the other from the outside to the inside after removing the protective film. Once correctly positioned according to the instructions provided in your package, join the two shells using the central notch.

We will now teach you how to maintain your products. Once used, gently peel off your products then clean them by hand with soap and water and let them air dry.

The dermatological glue regenerates automatically. Once dry, re-glue the plastic protection and store your product in a safe place. It must not be deformed by other bulky objects so that you can reuse it several times.

If you still haven't made your choice or would like to have more information about our products, don't hesitate to contact our customer service by phone at 01 42 60 29 39 or by email at [email protected] see you soon, the Gilsa Paris team!

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