Story of Gilsa

The Brand

Since its early beginnings, in 1995, GILSA's unique ambition has been to offer you ingenious lingerie solutions. Solutions to enhance your body, shapes, femininity and, above all, to enable you to dress according to your heart's desires. You are at the centre of all our attention. From the very first days, we wanted to offer products to perfectly answer all your needs.

To achieve this, imagination was required but, above all, the ability to think outside the box. Since 2000, entering the new millennium, we have put innovation at the heart of our designs. Paving the way for us was the launch and immediate success of our iconic Skin Bra, a self-adhesive silicone bra with a bare-breasted effect, and the Spray On Tights, a real revolution at the time.
Nowadays, GILSA is renowned as an essential and avant-garde brand, available in the most beautiful lingerie boutiques. We have continued to anticipate, to pioneer, to keep up with current trends wishing to dazzle you with an authentic lingerie lifestyle. Our invisible undergarments and accessories collections were born through iconic "must-have" products, such as the Divine Bra, an adaptation of our multi-position Genius Bra, launched more than ten years ago.

In 2018, taking into consideration your ideas together with our ambitions, a close collaboration with wedding dress designers was established. It gave birth to Oui by GILSA Paris, the first complete line of invisible bridal lingerie. Essential for D-Day, these wedding undergarments are perfect to be worn under a whole range of dress styles, like our two essential products: the Bahamas and Venice bras.

Always driven by the enthusiasm to astonish you, we have created a complete range of panties and sculpting lingerie, complementary and coordinated to our line of bras. Our lingerie solutions are also fit for your everyday lifestyle, just like the closet staple quintessential Little Black Dress.

In 2019, still going at full throttle, the GILSA collection and the Oui by GILSA Paris wedding collection represent nearly 300 models in more than 100 lingerie and wedding shop partners. Today, GILSA is a lingerie brand that listens to its customers with an ever-improving availability, thus its new e-commerce website.

We are proud of our achievements and the path we have travelled with you. However, rest assured that we remain very demanding for the future and reserve many more wonderful surprises in store for you.
Isabelle Gantzer, Managing Director of Gilsa Paris
« GILSA is above all the result of encounters that have made it an authentic, committed and unclassifiable fashion brand.
It is also the echo of my own story. An inspiring and artistic grandmother who came from Greece with just her violin and was peerless for mixing up the most amazing accessories with pizzazz. She gave me a taste for independence, audacity and the will to move forward. Today, GILSA is the professional fulfilment of all this. I wanted to exalt the feminine essence of women, enhance their beauty, give them more freedom in a modern and fashionable way. Today, women are independent and enjoy feeling seductive foremost for themselves than for others. Our innovative invisible lingerie makes all women's desires a dream come true. »